Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
some may know but not only am i a biz woman, i am also a full time college student. the past week has been a major time of reflection for me as I see my life starting to fold into the next chapters. I am sitting in the last dorm room I will ever sleep in (thankfully) and I think of the endless hours of editing in this room that has stale white cinderblock walls surrounding. Feeling restless and exhausted after moving all of my stuff into my new home that I will be sharing downtown with three fabulous girls. Even though I still have a year left of this season of my life, I just feel very thankful for everything that the Lord has brought me this year and the past three years I’ve had in school. I am so excited about what my last year brings.. and especially the adventures of what follows life after college. Here’s a wishlist:
1. beautiful weddings (of course!)
2. traveling, traveling, traveling
3. opening up my coffee shop in Odessa (YEP i said it… in my tiny west texan town)
4. maybe one day gettin’ hitched + havin’ some kiddo’s
5. to learn from all the many upcoming bumps to come

Happy Summer! Look to see upcoming blogs of the weddings, engagements, and baby’s I will be photographing in the next few weeks. Sunday = Kyle + Kriten’s e-session!



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